From the recording GIVE IT ALL THAT YOU GOT

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Dante drives home the ultimate lesson of his Inferno tour.

Background vocals by Ellen Mittenthal
All music performed by Rick McKim


people think that we're born for dying
time flies / no surviving
so grab what you want & do what you will
but every moment you feel passing
is really everlasting
we move thru time but time stands still

people think when you die you vanish
ain't no one left to punish
your whole damn life goes up in smoke
how you live it is a big non-issue
’cause you can't take it with you
so blow it all before you croak

but if you think that the soul's damnation
ain't nothing but a superstition
you better take a reality check
once you cross that stinking river
you got to be yourself forever
there's a name for that & it sure ain't heck

every little thing that you do
outlives a star
run as fast as you want to
but you won't get far
hell is who you are

people dream up pitchfork devils
to toast your flesh on griddles
to gnaw your guts & fart the gas
hot skewers thru your eyeballs
stuck head-first down some shithole
with a rabid rodent up your ass

but God won't waste his anger
on a cartoon torture chamber
you got the real one in your head
once you find that you're finally locked in
like a sleeper who wakes in a coffin
you'd rather die but you're already dead


go & make your name
get your wealth & fame
guzzle your champagne
in your chauffeured car
at the oyster bar
hell is who you are