From the recording GIVE IT ALL THAT YOU GOT

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Produced by Rick McKim & Paul Schellack
Piano: Rob Taube
Bass: Tom Hubbard


this is our bedroom mister
not some all-night joint
you’re at the end of your rope
I’m at my breaking point
another fight tonight won’t clear the air
so drop it right there

don’t try to turn it on
I’m turning off the light
I couldn’t give myself to you
to save my life
making love tonight won’t clear the air
I’d only lie there

go to sleep / it’s far too late
to finish this scene
that we have started once again
go to sleep and hope we wake
from out of this dream
so we will never have to face the end

I’m not your enemy babe
I’ve been your friend awhile
but you are not my judge
and I am not on trial
you need your rest tonight
so please don’t take the floor
I’ve heard it all before


close your eyes / calm your heart
let’s drift away and drift apart
and go to sleep

go to sleep / close your eyes
go to sleep / calm your heart
go to sleep / drift away
go to sleep / drift apart
go to sleep

Copyright © 1996, Mind's Ear Music (BMI)