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From the recording PRIVATE LANGUAGE

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strange hearts / stranger nights
restless shadows in a red light
strange obsessions beyond a name
keep us playin’ these crazy games

no rules can forbid
what we’re afire for or what we’ll forgive
no confession can explain
why we’re playin’ these crazy games

when your blood’s hot to gamble
& your heart wants to fall
& your body’s wide open to anything at all
when everybody’s cheating
but no one takes the blame
that’s the way it goes
that’s the way it goes
when you’re playin’ those crazy games

someone is riding high
someone’s watching with a cold eye
someone’s burning up with shame
they’re all playin’ some crazy game

love hurts / listen to Roy
listen to lovers surprised by joy
hear ’em cryin’ for more pain
hear ’em playin’ their ...

games get rough
the stakes get all too real
it’s never enough
the winners keep stealin’
& the losers keep dealin’


Copyright © 1994, Mind's Ear Music (BMI)