From the recording PRIVATE LANGUAGE

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I don’t believe it / I must've heard wrong
did you say what I think you said
don’t repeat it / let me dream on
I got to sleep those words out of my head
you say you’re not the girl you used to be
the one who’d never dream of leavin’ me
so who’s this woman who’s leavin’ me now

don’t say you’ve changed
don’t say you’ve changed
don’t say you’ve grown
I turn to stone to hear you sound so strange
baby when you say that you’ve changed

why’d you say it / why this morning
we had another quiet night
it could've waited / you could've warned me
at least you could have tried to start a fight
a man could never stop a river flowin’
a man could never stop the wind from blowin’
or stop a woman from goin’ her way


baby when you say that you've
changed for the better
that’s a change for the worse
‘cause change is forever
it can never be reversed
so don’t change / change
for old times’ sake
if you’ve changed / changed
I’ve stayed the same till it’s too late


Copyright © 1992, Mind's Ear Music (BMI)