From the recording PRIVATE LANGUAGE

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your body’s such a dream
I love to make the most of it
such a beautiful machine
I love to get through to the ghost in it
but when I slip inside your bed
it’s like slidin’ deep inside of your head
to see what bright ideas I can find

I love you for your mind
I love you for your mind
i love to see a thinkin' woman
do that bump & grind
may lightnin’ strike me blind
if I don't love you for your mind

every time you prove me wrong
your logic’s irrefutable
you can prove it all night long
your expertise is indisputable
& when you’re talkin' dirty to me
i can tell you got your Ph.D.
a linguist of the most alluring kind


you got a body that appeals to the masses
but they don’t understand
about your horn-rim glasses
it takes a highbrow lover to know
that your physical attributes
pale in the glow of your mind

other girls can theorize
but they don’t make it sound so sexual
I’ve heard their moans & sighs
but yours are much more intellectual
the rhythm of your hips can make me howl
you got me rockin’ till I’m throwin’ in the towel
but you ain’t just another pretty behind


Copyright © 2008, Mind's Ear Music (BMI)