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From the fantasy violence of physical games
to the serious damage that'll ring your bells
any S&M joint can get your groin in flames
the Inferno can incinerate your brain cells

the human mind is a jalopy on the fritz
come on & soup it up with the Inferno's drug of choice
it's like dive-bombing in a kamikaze blitz
or driving off a cliff in a Rolls-Royce

blotto / we call it blotto
gimme a hit of that blotto
blotto / we call it blotto
gimme a snort of that blotto

whatever happened to "just say no"?

that was far away & long ago

there's no zippin' back up after comin' undone
& Dante's gonna tell you it's a slippery slope
but you won't settle for love
that's merely one-on-one
after blotto drives you wild in a group grope


almighty drug from whom no secrets are hid
deliver us from virtue / lift that lid!

Copyright © 2009, Mind's Ear Music (BMI)